Peacemaker Cast Reveal Their Dream DC Crossovers

Peacemaker landed on HBO Max today, and it isn't hurting for references to the larger DC Universe (including one or two pretty weird ones). The series, the first TV show set in DC's film universe, picks up where The Suicide Squad left off, and introduces some new DC characters like Vigilante and Judomaster. There's no huge crossover yet, but if the show gets a second season, don't be too surprised to see an A-lister show up along the way. In the meantime, each of the Peacemaker stars has a different idea of what the ideal crossover would be.

It's a pretty broad range, too, from Shazam to The Joker, and even a very specific take on Bane. That last one might only happen if it's a James Gunn joint, so we'll see.

"That's tough," Vigilante actor Freddie Stroma told ComicBook when asked to pick his ideal DCU dance partner. "Tonally, I've been seeing the trailers of The Batman and stuff. I don't know who should and shouldn't be hanging out together....Shazam! and Black Adam, a lot of that stuff looks very cool. Maybe in that direction, I feel like the Batman's a little bit too dark, maybe."

"I woul dlove to have to handle a team of criminals that include The Joker," Chukwudi Iwuji offered. "I think Murn would have a lot of fun trying to handle the Joker, and Bane also. The idea of Bane speaking to me that ridiculous mask would be so much fun. To dead-eye Bane with that mask."

Of course, with so many Marvel movies happening, and a lot of actors who aren't inherently comic book fans, you can sometimes start to hear some "...well, I'm not 100% sure who's DC" sneaking into these conversations. On the other hand...well, how deep can you go into the archives?

"I'm a die hard Batman fan," Steve Agee said, "I would love John Economos to get to work with Batman."

"Steve, I don't think we could organize Batman, but we might be able to organize Bat-Mite for you," countered producer Peter Safran.

"Bat-Mite would be a good one," said Robert Patrick, who admitted he had no real idea what he would want to see. "Batman would be a good one. Geez. I don't know. I don't know how long Auggie's going to hang around. We'll see."

The first three episode of Peacemaker dropped on HBO Max today.