Peacemaker Episode 4 Confirms Two Major Batman Villains Exist in the DCEU

Peacemaker's first four episodes are available to watch on HBO Max, and they're filled with fun easter eggs that are guaranteed to please any DCEU fan. One character who has been name-dropped a couple of times on the show is Batman. In fact, James Gunn recently revealed that DC complained about Peacemaker insulting the hero. While Peacemaker was arguing with his dad's neighbor about whether or not he's a superhero or supervillain, the neighbor pointed out that Batman has supervillain nemeses, which Peacemaker doesn't seem to have. During the chat, two major Batman villains' names were dropped, confirming their existence in the DCEU. According to the episode, Riddler and Mad Hatter have both encountered Benn Affleck's Batman offscreen.

Both Riddler and Matt Hatter have been seen onscreen in the past, but never in the DCEU. Jim Carrey played Riddler in Batman Forever opposite Val Kilmer's Batman and Cory Michael Smith played the character on Gotham. Benedict Samuel also appeared on Gotham as Mad Hatter. Both characters have also been seen in different animated forms and on the original Batman TV series.  In the comics, Riddler first appeared in 1948 and is known for being obsessed with riddles, puzzles, and word games. Mad Hatter also first showed up on the page in 1948 and was a neuroscientist who believed he was an incarnation of the Alice in Wonderland character. 

Of course, Paul Dano will soon be playing Riddler opposite Robert Pattinson's Batman in The Batman.

"I can't even legally can't say anything about it," Dano told The Playlist last year. "There's something fun there in my character and in all the characters. It's the kind of movie that we're just desperate to share on the big screen in a big way. So, I hope we all figure this [coronavirus situation] out and get excited to see a Batman movie. It will be worth it. It's going to be really cool."

As for Peacemaker, the new show also includes The Suicide Squad's Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt and Steve Agee as John Economos. In addition to Cena, the series also stars Danielle Brooks as Leota Adebayo, Robert Patrick as Auggie Smith, Chris Conrad as Vigilante, Christopher Heyerdahl as Captain Locke, Chukwudi Iwuji as Clemson Murn, Lochlyn Munro as Larry Fitzgibbon, and Annie Chang as Sophie Song.

Who do you think would play Riddler and Mad Hatter in the DCEU? Tell us in the comments! 

The first four episodes of Peacemaker are streaming on HBO Max with new episodes dropping on Thursdays. The Batman hits theaters on March 4th.