Alfred Tries to Settle a Score in Exclusive Pennyworth Clip

It didn't take long for DC fans to realize that Pennyworth was going to be a whole lot different than any other comic-inspired show out there. It's dark, stylized, and wholly unique, and it's clear that the Epix series is prepared to take some bold chances. Case in point: Halfway through the first season, the series kills off one of its main characters. Alfred's fiance was murdered just a couple of episodes ago, and the future of Pennyworth was instantly flipped on its head. Now, in this Sunday's new installment, Alfred continues the hunt for the man who killed her.

While new episode, titled "Julie Christie," doesn't air until Sunday night, we can bring you an exclusive sneak peek at what's to come. In the latest Pennyworth clip, Alfred is seen entering into a military office and demanding justice for the death of Esme. You can watch the full clip in the video above!

This version of Alfred, played by Jack Bannon, continues to be a totally different version of the character than we've seen in past Batman-inspired projects. A lot of that has to do with Michael Caine insisting that his Alfred should have a more kick-ass backstory.

"Michael Caine insisted on his Alfred being a kick-ass soldier, which hadn't been in the canon before as far as I know. So it gave us an in there," producer Bruno Heller told us at San Diego Comic-Con. He also joked, "That's why it's dark and violent because Michael Caine's soul is dark and violent."


"I don't think DC has ever done '60s England before. We know what Metropolis was like then, we know what Gotham was like then, but we don't know what it was like across the Atlantic," added Danny Cannon. "That was the great thing when we first started discussing the project, we started talking about what did London look like then. What's happened? Is history the same as it was in our history books or was it slightly different? What has advanced technology-wise? All of these questions were to create a world that these characters could fit into."Heller revealed a detail that came from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, which makes more sense in the context of what we'll see on Pennyworth."

New episodes of Pennyworth air on Sunday nights on Epix.