DC's Poison Ivy Gets A Brand New Look

Heroes in Crisis presents some compelling mysteries, including who massacred the heroes of [...]

Heroes in Crisis presents some compelling mysteries, including who massacred the heroes of Sanctuary, who gave Lois the videotaped confessionals, and why the Flash's body is 5 years ahead of where it should be. Those aren't the only things happening though in the latest issue of Heroes in Crisis, especially when it comes to Batman villain Poison Ivy. You might remember that Poison Ivy was confirmed as one of the characters killed in the Sanctuary massacre earlier in the series with a rose from Harley Quinn, but as we learn here that is not necessarily the case any longer.

Spoilers incoming for Heroes in Crisis #7, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned. Like we mentioned above, Poison Ivy was previously confirmed by Harley to have been one of the characters killed at Sanctuary, and to memorialize her love for Ivy she dropped a rose into the water. A hand picked up that rose though and it turns out to be have been Wally West, who we see here alive and well in...well, somewhere.

He takes out the rose and snaps a piece of the speed force into it, and as he narrates about a poem Linda used to read. As he narrates the rose flourishes and grows, and ultimately unfurls to reveal Poison Ivy emerging from the center of it in a brand new form. Her new look isn't really a costume, but is completely organic, giving her a much more plant-like look overall. White accents form a sort of skeleton amongst all the green, though her signature red hair remains.

(Photo: DC)

So it appears Poison Ivy is alive and well, and her new look is definitely a big change, and you can check out the spoiler images above and below.

(Photo: DC)

Heroes in Crisis #7 is written by Tom King and drawn by Clay Mann, Jorge Fornes, and Travis Moore, with colors by Tomeu Morey. You can check out the full description below.

"The Trinity may have uncovered the true killer responsible for the deaths at Sanctuary, but the artificial intelligence that ran the institution is the one thing standing between them and the culprit. Now Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman must face off with their own creation—and face the consequences for what they created. Also, as the truth is uncovered, Booster and Harley go from being enemies to allies."

Heroes in Crisis #7 is in comic stores now.

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