'Preacher' Season 3 Comic-Con Trailer Released

From San Diego Comic-Con, AMC has released a new trailer for the remainder of Preacher's third season.

The new trailer offers the first look at Allfather D'Aronique, the leader of the Grail, and Eccarius, a vampire who is interested in showing Cassidy just how fun life after death can be.

Take a look above, and check out our full recap of the Preacher panel at San Diego Comic-Con here.

Preacher Season Three has seen Cassidy leave Jesse Custer and Tulip O'Hare behind in Angelville after Jesse brought them there so that Gran'ma could save Tulip's life. Unfortunately, now Gran'ma has Jesse under her spell and she seems willing to make a literal deal with the devil to keep him there. Meanwhile, Jesse's mission to find God still hangs in the balance.

Another new character introduced in this season of Preacher is Jody, played by Jeremy Childs. Childs stopped by the ComicBook.com studio recently and discussed what it was like playing the man who killed Jesse Custer's father.

"Michael Slovis, who's the producing director and directed the first two episodes, and of course Sam Catlin, who's the co-creator, we all talked about it, this idea that Jody was actually in love with Christina, which is not in the comic book at all," Childs says. "I love that because you have to really flesh out a character. You can't play a villain. You can't play a psychopath. He's all of those things, but you can't play that, you know what I'm saying? You have to play this live-action, well-rounded figure who does these awful things.

"So it really gave him a lot of different flavors to play with, but being in love with Christina made everything else fall into place for me," Childs continues. "Getting rid of Jesse's father, that becomes obvious. The sort of tumultuous, at-odds relationship with Jesse, almost this son-figure and then this guy who's going to threaten to knock him off the catbird seat. It's really fascinating, fun stuff to play as an actor."


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Preacher airs Sundays at 10 pm ET on AMC.