No One Can Resist The Adorable Mr. Freeze Q-Fig

Quantum Mechanix has quickly carved out a space in the superhero collectible market, and this Mr. Freeze Q-Fig is a perfect example of why.

The Q-Fig series features familiar DC and Marvel icons in fun poses with a stylized art style, and more often than not they are extremely adorable. The same can be said for their Mr. Freeze figure, which features Freeze in all his cryogenic armor glory with trademark freeze ray in hand. The big difference from other figures is that in this case he decided to enjoy some ice cream, and is holding an ice cream cone up to his clear helmet. You can even take the helmet off if you so choose.

Anyone would want to take a break after a long day of trying to encase Gotham in ice, though one does wonder if he actually paid for that ice cream cone or just froze everyone working at the local Marble Slab and making it himself. He is a villain after all.

(Photo: QMx)

Mr. Freeze is available now from the shop, and you can bring him home for $14.95. You can see the awesome figure in the photo above, and the official description has been included below.

"Chilling With Mr. Freeze: Ask Victor Fries who his first love is, and he'll tell you it's his terminally ill wife Nora, whom he's placed in suspended animation as he searches for a way to save her. Ask his villainous alter ego Mr. Freeze about his first love, and it's an easy answer: ice cream — and lots of it! Our Mr. Freeze is chilling in his cryogenic suit, savoring scoops of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry on a crunchy cone."


"This charming chibi-style Mr. Freeze is just one in our series of DC Comics Q-Figs, so be sure to check out the rest of our amazing superheroes! Height: 3.87 in 9.82 cm. Material: PVC."

The line also includes others from the DC universe, including Batman, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Superman, and more. Marvel fans can also find Spider-Man, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and more.