'Justice League's Ray Fisher Weighs in on if Aquaman Is Responsible for Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

Aquaman is finally becoming a major hero in the DC Extended Universe, though the world wasn't [...]

Aquaman is finally becoming a major hero in the DC Extended Universe, though the world wasn't always aware of him and what he was capable of while he spent time exploring the vast oceans of our planet. A number of unexplained events could likely be explained if we learned Arthur Curry was involved, with DCEU star Ray Fisher thinking it was time the hero went down to investigate the many bizarre disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

"He probably has some knowledge about it, I don't know whether or not he's culpable. But, what I will say is this, he needs to go down there and tell them to cut it out," Fisher shared with ComicBook.com in regards to Aquaman's connection to the mythical area. "That would be really cool, maybe Orm is doing something at the Bermuda Triangle."

For decades, the area between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico has seen a number of plane and boat disappearances, leading some to theorize there are unknown forces at work that are causing these catastrophes. Luckily, recent years have seen the conclusion of multiple unique factors in that area that creates these disasters.

One reason so many accidents occur is due to how busy this region is for vessels to pass through. More planes and more boats means a higher concentration in one specific area than in other parts of the world. Making matters more dangerous is that this region is also known as "Hurricane Alley," where some of the most intense weather on the planet originates.

Another interesting anomaly in the region is the abundance of methane hydrates, which can impact vessels in a number of ways. The slow release of this gas to the surface could result in both whirlpools and a decrease in water density, essentially forming massive areas where ships are no longer buoyant, resulting in their sinking. Additionally, the release of this gas into the air can change the density of the atmosphere, potentially resulting in a plane flying through a cloud of methane and impacting a plane's instruments, especially the altimeter, in catastrophic ways.

Particularly large releases of methane could also result in massive rogue waves toppling ships, with these rogue waves also being prevalent during hurricanes.

Or, it's all Orm's fault and Aquaman needs to investigate.

Fans can check out Aquaman in theaters on December 21st.

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