Ray Liotta Regrets Passing On Trying Out For Tim Burton's Batman Movie

Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta has had an accomplished career, but there is one aspect of it that he regrets to this day, despite all the success.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Liotta expressed regret over not going to meet Tim Burton about a film. The film in question was Burton's original Batman movie, that went on to star Micahel Keaton in the lead role.

"But I do regret, the first movie I did was a movie called Something Wild. Right around that time they were thinking of doing Batman, and Tim Burton was the director of it, and I got a call from my agent that Tim Burton wanted to meet me for the role of Batman, and at that time, it was 1986 or 87, it was really the first comic book movie that I know of that was coming out, and I always regret it because I think TIM Burton is such a great great director, and I've always regretted not going to meet him, just to meet him and just to talk, whether I agreed with playing it, because I couldn't wrap my head around and understand to play Batman, that seems silly, so I regret that, that I didn't go out to meet him."

While it doesn't seem that Batman would've been something in his wheelhouse, the conversation between the two would have likely been memorable. Liotta's latest project, the NBC cop drama Shades of Blue with Jennifer Lopez, just got picked up for Season 2.