Rick Cosnett On If Eddie Thawne Will Return On The Flash

In tonight's episode of ComicBook.com's Flashback, host Chris Killian had the pleasure of speaking [...]

In tonight's episode of ComicBook.com's Flashback, host Chris Killian had the pleasure of speaking with actor Rick Cosnett, who played the role of Eddie Thawne throughout the first season of The Flash.

Cosnett's character was killed off at the end of the first season, but fans have been wondering if he might reappear this season, considering it's a different timeline due to the events of Flashpoint.

Chris Killian asks, "Is there any chance that we could see Eddie Thawne pop up in the near future?"

"Definitely...definitely. I can't say exactly where, but there is definitely a big chance that I could be in this new timeline, you'll have to wait and see."

We're pretty sure that Cosnett just confirmed that he will be returning at some point during season 3!

In season one, Eddie Thawne was Detective Joe West's partner at the Central City police department who eventually turned into Iris's love interest and a member of Team Flash.


In a twist of fate, we learned that Eddie was a direct descendent of the main big bad, Eobard Thawne also known as the Reverse-Flash. Eddie sacrificed his own life in hopes of erasing Reverse Flash from the current timeline and saving his friends.

At the time no one knew that this was his final plan; leaving his fiance Iris and the rest of Team Flash to grieve an incredible loss.

After his self-inflicted death, we did see Eddie Thawne one more time in Episode 17 of Season 2, when Barry traveled back in time before Eddie died. Barry was acting strangely around Eddie, leading Joe and Eddie to discover that Barry was from the future.

Later, in the same episode, Barry showed Iris a video message that past Eddie made for future Iris, before his death. He tells Iris that he loves her strength and independence — that she wants him but doesn't need him and he just wants her to be happy for the rest of her life.

It's entirely possible that Eddie Thawne is NOT dead in the current timeline. Either way, we'll be seeing him soon in some way, shape, or form.

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