Russell Tovey Confident About a Second Season of 'Freedom Fighters: The Ray'

This weekend at the DC in D.C. event, caught up with Freedom Fighters: The Ray star [...]

This weekend at the DC in D.C. event, caught up with Freedom Fighters: The Ray star Russell Tovey to discuss his whirlwind introduction into the Arrowverse, which included recording lines for his animated series while also appearing in live-action for "Crisis on Earth-X," this year's mega-crossover.

How could it work, exactly, if Tovey wanted to come back but Wentworth Miller (who played Ray's boyfriend Citizen Cold) did not?

"No idea what's going to happen — no idea," Tovey said of a live-action return, but added, "Maybe if I come back, [Wentworth will] come back, and we can have a spinoff together. I do the animation, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, and someone's just told me from CW that it's their highest-rated show on CW Seed at the moment, so it's like, 'surely a second season of Freedom Fighters: The Ray is in the bag!"

Indeed, Freedom Fighters: The Ray is the highest-rated CW Seed Original and is streamed more often than anything on the platform except for the long-running family drama Everwood.

Tovey said that he was thrilled to get thrown into the deep end, where he worked on the live-action shows during the week and on Freedom Fighters: The Ray on the weekends. He described the series, a prequel to "Crisis on Earth-X," as answering the question he had about the character and his background after reading the script for the live-action event.

He also said that both he and Miller took the romantic relationship between The Ray and Citizen Cold seriously, and that they understood -- perhaps not quite as well as they thought -- how important it would be to have their first kiss shared onscreen.

"We've become really good friends; he's an amazing actor and we both wanted to make that relationship true and important," Tovey said. "That moment where they kissed, I think we both realized in folklore, in the comic book world, what a moment that would be — probably not as much as it was, to be honest with you, but it was great to be able to share that with him on the screen in this world."

You can find the first six episodes of Freedom Fighters: The Ray on CW Seed.