SDCC 2019 Panel Recap: Black Lightning

As The CW expands its big superhero roster, Black Lightning is leading the charge with its solid seasons. San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is bringing the show to the big stage, and is breaking down all its details below:


The panel begins with the moderator coming out to introduce guests. Talent like Jordan Calloway, Nafessa Williams, China Anne McClain, Cress Williams, and Cristine Adams come out.

The first question is about the story of Black Lightning. They are asked if it is about family or superheroes. Williams says it is mostly about families but dips into superheroes when the drama and conflict kicks it. "It is about a family first," she says.

Marvin Jones III stepped in to talk about how the cast gets along even when Tobias is going off on people like Painkiller or more. In fact, Calloway said he kept asking for more blood during those fight scenes to the point they were not sure if would make the air.

The panel continues with Cristine Adams and Williams talking about their relationship. The pair say they really were able to riff in given their growing chemistry. Adams went on to say she was able to source inspiration from her own relationship as she has been married for so long.

As the panel continues, Williams said his favorite episode was where he and Lala were in the classroom together. It was like a play to him, and it got to show him Lala was a kid once. Jefferson could not save everyone despite him trying so hard, and that was a great realization.

When asked if ThunderGrace will happen on screen, Williams says she really hopes so. She is being ghosted because of some cold feet. If it is going to happen, Thunder is ready. And when she is asked if Thunder has any one else in her life, the actress says Thunder only needs her sister.

The panel goes on to talk about McClain's character Lightning, the actress said it was so great playing someone who didn't want powers period to someone who was ready to suit up.

For season three, the cast is asked if more Markovians are coming or if the family is going to Markovia. The panel cannot say much, but they do say the Markovians better come to them. They think Markovia is too cold.

Jones is asked about Tobias' love last season. He says he think it really was love for him, but Tobias is so narcissitic that love is still for his own needs. Fans saw quickly how short-lived that love was, and he doesn't know if she is coming back. Tobias is in a rut now, and Jones is not sure he will get helped by her. The actor also talked about Tobias being locked up now which will make it hard for him to escape. Someone will have to remove him from jail, but he killed most of those allies. So, hopefully, someone will have a change of heart and get Tobias out.

The cast begins talking about funny fan moments. Williams said he saw a fan in the airport who was asked if he likes Black Lightning. He surprised the fan by coming up behind them, and he said the fan lost his mind.

When the panel is asked about their representation as a black superhero family, Adams says the series is such a multi-generational show. Entire families will watch it, and the cast hears such positive comments from that all the time. Williams echoes this by saying her own family does that, and it is cool seeing older generations being as big of fans as the younger generation.

The group is then asked more about season three. They confirm it is happening as production just started. They are asked if Tobias is getting out of jail, and Jones says he hopes so. "I've been praying for months," the actor says.

As for a Lightning and Thunder team-up, Williams is ready to see that go down. McClain also says they're really partners in crime, so you will see them a lot more together in general. Even in the first couple of episodes, they are leaning on each other. They are all each other have for the moment.

The cast is asked if they could bring another character in or do another scene, Colloway says he would like to see Lin's brother join the show.

The first fan question is what song the cast would want to see join the show. Williams wants "Gangster's Paradise" or some more Tupac. Adams said McClain is prime for an original song as she has a beautiful voice.

When asked if Black Lightning will join the Arrowverse, they said yeah. They would like Supergirl to come into town soon. Williams said there is lots of talk but nothing official. He says he would not be surprised.



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