Shazam 2 Will Reportedly Feature Another Major DCEU Hero

DC Comics is bringing a familiar face to Shazam! Fury of the Gods. According to The Illuminerdi's recent reports, Wonder Woman will be appearing in the sequel. Billy Batson will be tangling with the pantheon, and that means it's a natural entry point for the Amazons, considering her proximity to literal Greek gods. The three goddesses that will serve as villains in the film are daughters of Atlas. Hespera (played by Helen Mirren), Calypso (played by Lucy Liu), and Rachel Zegler playing a third daughter that has not been named yet. DC FanDome brought a better look at this film and the villains, but Wonder Woman was absent. For good reason, and Warner Bros. might want to include her as a surprise in the official trailer for the movie. Fury of the Gods is shaping up to be a massive event film for DC and follows the blueprint that The Flash set forward for many different characters to collide. 

In an interview with PopCulture, series star Zachary Levi hyped the scale of this sequel. With details like this one floating around, the amount of fun they're trying to pack in is apparent. Fans will have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

"You've seen all my powers basically in the first movie," Levi explained. "You'll see all of that, and you'll see it in spades. We have a lot of fun in the new one. We had more time, more budget. We got the whole cast coming back. Everyone's more sunk into their character. It was a ball. It was great. I'm very excited for it."

"The acting and emotional stuff, that's more my wheelhouse, that's stuff that I've been doing my whole life," he added. "And so being able to access that, plus having great scene partners, Anna [Paquin] was so great. Young Hayden [Zaller], who played Zach, was so great. Ser'Darius [Blain]. Oh gosh, everybody. We had such a stellar cast. And everybody jumped in. And it was crazy, because we were doing it in the middle of the pandemic, which was surreal in and of itself, and limiting, and makes it a little more difficult. But I think, all in all, we really did make a little magical movie that I'm so stoked is coming out on Christmas."  

Are you hyped to see Wonder Woman in Shazam! Fury of the Gods?  Let us know down in the comments!