'Shazam!': Grace Fulton Confirmed for Mary Marvel

DC Comics' Shazam! has kicked off production with a new press release, which is giving fans quite a lot to take in - including the confirmation of one fan-favorite character.

After months of speculation from fans, the press release confirmed that Grace Fulton will, in fact, be playing Mary Marvel.

If you're unfamiliar with Mary Marvel, here's what you need to know. The character first debuted in December of 1942, as the twin sister of Billy Batson who earns his similar set of superpowers.

In the New 52 continuity (something that Shazam! seems to be drawing from quite a bit), Mary is known as Mary Bromfield, a foster sibling of Billy who shares Billy's powers at his whim.

Fulton, who previously starred in Shazam! director David F. Sandberg's Annabelle: Creation, was first announced to have a role in the DC Comics film back in November. Fulton then confirmed the role - via an adorable Instagram post - a month later.

"Guys... guys... I'm gonna be in Shazam," Fulton wrote in the post's caption. "I know! It's crazy! What? Ah! HOLY MOLEY!! If you couldn't tell, I'm super EXCITED! Thank you, Peter Safran and New Line for letting me join the Shazam club, I promise to keep its secrets! @ponysmasher and @maxime.alexandre, see you guys soon!! 😊."

There's no telling if Fulton's version of Mary will end up suiting up within the film, but it's certainly something that fans have been hoping for. With the entirety of Billy's foster family taking a core role in the film, there are quite a few ways things could go.


Shazam! will debut in theaters on April 5th, 2019.