'Shazam!' Movie Costume Has "Some Similarities" to His Look in 'Justice League: War'

debuted in February 1940. They thought perhaps the costume announcement would be an homage to [...]

(Photo: Warner Bros. Animation)

The official live-action costume for Shazam! might be a familiar one for DC fans after all.

While many of the costumes in the DCEU have been changed significantly from the versions that fans are familiar with, Zach Levi's Shazam! attire looks to be changing that trend. While interacting with fans on Reddit, director David Sandberg, revealed that the costume donned by Shazam in his movie will feature similarities to the look sported by the character in the animated film, Justice League: War.

This entire conversation around the suit began a few days ago, when a Reddit user named David (who has been confirmed to be David Sandberg) responded to another user's post about Shazam! His first reply came with the news that the costume reveal was "right around the corner."

"Actually, if someone had managed to snap a shot of the suit last week when we were shooting outside they would have released an official pic right away," Sandberg explained. "Since we got away with it they want to do more of an official thing. And it's right around the corner..."

As people began buzzing about that comment, someone made a post on Monday regarding the potential reveal date of the first look at the Shazam! costume. A user by the name of Sabya2kMukherjee speculated that the reveal would be coming this month because the character of Shazam (known then as Captain Marvel) debuted in February 1940. They thought perhaps the costume announcement would be an homage to that piece of the character's history.

Sandberg again responded, saying that the reveal wasn't actually tied to the character's debut date. He did, however, hint at what fans could expect from the costume.

"Here's something though: The suit has similarities to his look in Justice League: War," Sandberg wrote. "Once pics have been released I can tell you more about where the inspirations came from and why certain choices were made."

The suit in the animated film is one of the lighter, more colorful takes on the character, which would certainly be a departure from the other costumes in the DCEU. Then again, Sandberg has teased on multiple occasions that his film will be much different than anything DC fans have seen to this point.

Unfortunately, Sandberg didn't indicate exactly what he meant by "right around the corner." At least we know it's sooner, rather than later.

Shazam! is set to hit theaters on April 5, 2019.