'Shazam!' Director Reacts To Film Getting Certified Fresh On Rotten Tomatoes

Shazam! is officially Certified Fresh on RottenTomatoes, prompting some celebration from the cast and crew. The latest to share their reaction to the DC Comics film's positive reviews is director David F. Sandberg, who did so on Twitter.

Sandberg, who is previously known for his work with Warner Brothers on the Annabelle franchise, takes on the super hero genre for the first time with Shazam!. It's actually a near identical path as the one created by Conjuring and Aquaman director James Wan. After hitting a home run with the film and earning the Certified Fresh title online, Sandberg sent a photo of his super hero to celebrate.

Check out the tweet from Shazam! director Sandberg in response to RottenTomatoes below!

In an exclusive interview with ComicBook.com, Sandberg and Shazam! producer Peter Safran both confirmed their plans to return to make another Zachary Levi-lead Shazam! movie. Shazam! is Sandberg's first time working within the world of DC Comics on the big screen or super hero films in general. "Absolutely," Safran said when asked if he would be around for a Shazam! sequel.

"It's easy for me to say, 'I'm on board,'" Safran said before posing the same question to Sandberg beside him. "What about you?"

"Let's do it," Sandberg said.

"You heard it here!" Safran concluded.

Looking ahead at the future for DC Comics characters on the big screen, the continuation isolated efforts will be present, as it has in more recent films. Shazam!, for example, follows the lead of Aquaman and Wonder Woman before it in focusing solely on its titular hero as a means to thoroughly establish him on the big screen. Moving forward, this will continue to be a focus.


"I think that is the goal," Safran said. "It is giving heroes their time to shine and not feeling like you have to shoehorn in some universal connection amongst them all. The studio's been incredibly supportive and DC's been supportive about saying, 'Take the time that you need to introduce these characters in the right way and tell the stories that audiences want to see with these characters.'"

Shazam! hits theaters on April 5.