Sivana Attacks Billy’s Family in New 'Shazam!' Clip

With Shazam! set to premiere in theaters in a few weeks, Warner Bros. Pictures has kicked the hype machine for the DC Comics film into high gear. New TV spots and promo clips are being revealed to provide a taste of what's to come in the battle against Dr. Sivana, and much more.

If you ever wondered if Shazam can transform indoors and what happens with the lightning, check out the new clip above and see Billy Batson get in trouble for ruining his foster parents' roof.

Sivana takes the spotlight in this new clip, scaring Billy's family and attempting to take the wizard's power for himself. had the opportunity to speak with actor Mark Strong, who revealed his intention to make the mad doctor a terrifying opponent for the teen superhero.

"We talked about it and realized that the fun stuff is only gonna work if it's bookended by really terrifying stuff, and the terrifying stuff is only gonna work if the fun stuff is really irreverent," Strong said. "And it's no accident, I think, that that balance takes the fun stuff to kind of a place that we've-- it's almost more fun than I've ever seen before, and the same with the darkness, it's gotta go that, it's gotta be properly scary, and the fact that he comes from a horror background was to my benefit. I have to say I feel completely supported by a guy who knows how to make an individual scary."

Shazam! will challenge the young man and his family, which is why director David F. Sandberg and Strong approached Sivana in such a way in hopes of ratcheting up the tension.

"The goal was to set up the bad guys as a real threat, so you really, when the kids are threatened you believe it," Sandberg said. "They could actually get hurt or even die you know, I think that's important in a movie, to really set up the stakes and stay true to that."

Shazam! premieres in theaters on April 5th.



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