Smallville Star Tom Welling Never Believed in the “Superman Curse”

Tom Welling has had an interesting journey through the DC universe. The Smallville star, of course, played Clark Kent in that show, and the weight of that role never seemed to faze him. At Fan Expo Canada, a fan asked the star about the "curse" around playing Superman. Welling didn't shy away from the question, and let the crowd know about his initial experience with casting for the show.

After the fan asked him about comments he made suggesting hesitancy around the role, "You’re putting words in my mouth, that’s not true."

"First of all, the whole curse thing never occurred to me. The thing for me at the beginning was they didn’t have a script to show anyone when you auditioned. Which means one of two things: either that they’re not ready and they don’t know what they’re doing, or they do but they don’t trust you with it," Welling continued. "So what I did is, I said I’ll sign an NDA form, let me read what you have, and then go in or not for the audition. And what I read was awesome. This was not a show about Superman, it was a show about a kid in high school trying to figure out who he was and what he was supposed to do with his life. It was a show about identity. I was like, ‘This is great! Why don’t you show it to everybody?’ They said, ‘Because everybody’s gonna share it, we want it to be a secret,’ and that sort of thing."

Smallville paved the way for a lot of the CW shows in that way. The central conflicts weren't usually monsters of the week; instead, the story revolved around a young Clark Kent developing as a person. Kent's interpersonal relationships often yielded the best material for adversaries down the line. But, could fans see Welling don his cape again soon?

"Crisis on Infinite Earths" is prepared to take the Arrowverse by storm. The scope of this event is unparalleled on television as the CW is tying together Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, and Black Lightning. You think that would be a lot, but fans always want more if they can get it.

Tom Welling is one of the most requested actors to come back and guest star in these CW superhero series. Earlier this year, he teased some kind of involvement with the newest Crisis on social media. Fans ate that up, but that is no clear indication if fans will see the Smallville star during this next season of Arrowverse shows.

There have been rumors about him reprising his role as Superman for as long as Arrow has existed. Welling appeared on Lucifer in the past so nothing is impossible. Ten whole seasons of Smallville is a long time to wait and see that "S" symbol on-screen. Taking part in "Crisis on Infinite Earths" would help make up for some lost time.

Superman is going to be around in a couple of different variations during the Crisis. Tyler Hoechlin is confirmed to return in his role from Supergirl. Even more surprising is Brandon Routh, who already played the Atom on Legends of Tomorrow, will also play the Last Son of Krypton for the first time since his big-screen turn in Superman Returns.


The possibility of three different Superman on screen at the same time is a lot to take in. This crossover is going to try and absolutely bowl over every DC fan that sees the spectacle. It looks like its well on its way.

"Crisis on Infinite Earths" begins on The CW this December.