Ryan Reynolds Jokes That 6 Underground Is Actually the Snyder Cut

Ryan Reynolds attended the CCXP event in Brazil over the weekend, promoting two of his films: Free [...]

Ryan Reynolds attended the CCXP event in Brazil over the weekend, promoting two of his films: Free Guy and 6 Underground. As it turns out, the latter of those two titles is actually the infamous Snyder Cut of Justice League. Reynolds, who remains very in touch with the pulse in pop culture and geek media, took the stage in front of thousands to promote his upcoming movies. While talking about netflix'x 6 Underground, he went into detail about his character but when things got too serious, he kicked up a joked about the movie which got the crowd quite excited.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is this is the Snyder cut," Reynolds said. The Snyder Cut, for those who might not know, if the original version of 2017's Justice League movie which has never been released publicly. Before original director Zack Snyder departed the movie with Joss Whedon stepping in to replace him, he had put together a three hour and thirty-four minute cut of the movie which many are still hoping to see one day. While Warner Bros. does not seem to have much interest in releasing said Snyder Cut any time soon, the Snyder fans have continued to let their voices be heard, especially in moments like this one.

Check out a video of Reynolds talking about the Snyder Cut in Brazil in the tweet below!

Justice League was not well received critically or at the box office, prompting the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut to gain steam among fans on social media. Those fans have also made efforts to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to honor Snyder's late daughter Autumn. Most recently. the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut efforts got Subway to donate 15,000 sandwiches and use the hashtag on the brand's official Twitter account.

As for whether or not any of the efforts will help push Warner Bros. in the direction of releasing the Snyder Cut of Justice League remains to be seen. The studio's efforts have seem to indicate an interesting in a fresh slate of films which does not rely on the canon history established by Zack Snyder's films, as evidenced by Shazam! and Aquaman's isolated outings. Still, those movies were not completely without their ties to Batman v Superman and Justice League but even David Ayer's Suicide Squad movie is being largely disregarded by the upcoming Birds of Prey.

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