Spider-Man Meme Celebrates the Friendly Neighborhood Joker

Spider-Man and The Joker don't exactly have a lot in common, other than the fact that they are both comic characters. That said, sometimes characters that different can cross paths in unique ways, and you can definitely describe this reworked meme as that. A fan of both Spider-Man and Joker took one of the more memorable sequences from Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man: Homecoming and gave it a Joker twist, and it's pretty inspired. The meme was posted on Reddit, and shows Joaquin Phoenix's Joker in Tom Holland's spot as Spider-Man is getting used to his abilities and his sudden notoriety.

Fans will remember that the original sequence has Spider-Man atop a roof when he is spotted by a food vendor from the street below. He calls Peter that Spider guy from YouTube, and that's when Peter tells him his name is Spider-Man. The vendor then asks him to do a flip, and he delivers, then takes off to web swing across the city.

In this reworked version, the vendor says "hey, you're that society guy, right?" We then see Spider-Man's body with Joker's head photoshopped on, replying "Call me Joker".

I don't know if this is allowed in the here from r/marvelmemes

The vendor then has a request, asking "okay Joker, do a dance." We then see Joker doing his trademark stair dance on the rooftop, with the vendor approving by saying "Cool."

You can check out the reworked meme above.

While we aren't sure if we'll be getting more Joker, we will be getting more Holland as Spider-Man, as a new deal between Sony and Marvel says that he will appear in one more MCU project and one more true Spider-Man film with Marvel's involvement. After that, we aren't sure, but if both films do well we wouldn't be surprised to see them work together more.

As for Joker, the film has been insanely profitable for Warner Bros, so odds are if there's a chance for a sequel we'll see them make it happen.


Joker is in theaters now.