DC's Stargirl Promotes Two Cast Members to Series Regulars

Crusher Crock/Sportsmaster and Paula Brooks/Tigress return in the upcoming fourth episode of DC's [...]

Crusher Crock/Sportsmaster and Paula Brooks/Tigress return in the upcoming fourth episode of DC's Stargirl's second season, "Summer School: Chapter Four" and it looks like they may just be sticking around. Actors Neil Hopkins and Joy Osmanski, who bring the villain duo to life on The CW's DC-inspired television series, have been promoted to series regulars for the show's third season, according to Deadline.

Hopkins' Crusher Crock/Sportsmaster is described as a man who sees his criminal pursuits as a game to win and his competitors as targets to kill. For Crusher, the only thing more important to him than "the game" is his family. Osmanski's Paula Brooks/Tigress is described as a woman who protects and provides for her family by hunting the world's most dangerous game, humans. Both characters were members of the Injustice Society of America and were two ISA members to survive the fight with the new Justice Society of America at the end of Season 1, ending up in jail for what their daughter Artemis (Stella Smith) calls "petty theft charges".

Both characters make a surprising return in the upcoming August 31st episode of the series and while it's not clear exactly how they're back in Blue Valley, a recently-released preview makes it seem like the pair may have broken out of jail or are at least back under mysterious and tense circumstances. And while the characters were major antagonists in Season1 and will have a larger role in Season 3, for now in Season 2, the big bad is the terrifying Eclipso. While fans have really only gotten a small taste of how dark that character can be, Osmanski teased earlier this year that Season 2 will take things "deeper and darker" than ever before.

"I feel like in the second season, shows have an opportunity to go deeper and darker and I think we're going to see some of that in terms of the evil forces at work," Osmanski told Digital Spy in an interview earlier this year. "In season one, Tigress and Sportsmaster are bad guys but man, compared to some of what's going to happen in season two, it's not even close."

DC's Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "Summer School: Chapter Four" will air on August 31st. The series was previously renewed for a third season.

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