Stephen Amell Attacked by Arrow Fan

Arrow is enjoying a return to form in season 5, but apparently the show is making some fans a little too excited. Series star Stephen Amell is pretty prolific (and generous to fans) on social media, but today, he's sharing an anecdote about something not-so-great that comes along with being a superhero TV star: crazy fan confrontations.

Check out the post that Stephen Amell put up on his Facebook page:

Dude came up to me yesterday... Head Butts me hard. Outta nowhere... Then says -- "I want to fight the Green Arrow." Paused, looked at him... shook his hand and said no thank you. Because I'm a father and a husband. Pretty manly if you ask me.

Stephen Amell Headbutted in Face by Arrow Fan (2016)
(Photo: Stephen Amell)

...Pretty manly indeed, Stephen.

In the hands of a different actor, this could have all gone down very differently. Could you imagine if this had been done to 24's Jack Bauer (aka Kiefer Sutherland)? That fan would have probably gotten the opportunity he was looking for!


Arrow season 5 is now airing Wednesdays @ 8pm on The CW.