Steven S. DeKnight On If He Would Be Interested In Directing 'Man Of Steel 2'

DC has yet to formally announced a Man of Steel 2, but that hasn't stopped fans from being excited [...]

DC has yet to formally announced a Man of Steel 2, but that hasn't stopped fans from being excited about it, and it seems they may have found a director for it.

That would be Steve S. DeKnight, who is currently working on bringing the Pacific Rim sequel to theaters. DeKnight is a well known comic fan, so a fan asked if the right circumstances came along and the script was engaging enough, would he be interested in directing Man of Steel 2.

"Up, up and away!," DeKnight replied.

So we'll take that as a yes.

DeKnight certainly has a penchant for delivering visceral action in shows like Daredevil and Spartacus, and seeing what he could with Superman and his impressive power set would surely be entertaining. Those characters do tend to be more conflicted though, so it would be interesting to see the route he took with a post-Justice League Superman, a character that doesn't seem to be nearly as conflicted or brooding as in previous films.

As for Man of Steel 2, the film has been often talked about by fans over the years, but much hasn't been said about it from the Warner Bros. side. The last thing fans really heard about it had to do with Matthew Vaughn's reported interest in working with DC on the project. Nothing has materialized from those talks just yet, though Vaughn did reach out to Mark Millar about the project.

It seems fans might be in for a long wait though, as DC's movie schedule is already pretty full at the moment. The studio has Aquaman this year, followed by films like Flashpoint, Wonder Woman 2, The Batman, Suicide Squad 2, Gotham City Sirens, Harley and Joker, Deathstroke, Nightwing, Batgirl, Black Adam, and Shazam! Now, some of those are in various stages of development, but all have been announced in some form or fashion, and it's hard to find where Man of Steel 2 fits into that mix until WB's plans for the next Justice League and core films comes into sight.

Pacific Rim: Uprising hits theaters on March 23.