Suicide Squad #2 - The Squad Is Down One Member With The Death Of Spoiler

SS 2 Cover Header
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They don't call them the Suicide Squad for nothing, and in issue #2 the group certainly lives up to its name.

Spoilers from here on out, so be warned. If you haven't read the issue yet, just bookmark this page, go read it, eat a sandwich, maybe a corn dog, and come on back.

Dang it, now I'm hungry.

In Suicide Squad #2, the group is tasked with recovering a cosmic item from an underwater installation, but it didn't take long for the "plan" to fall apart, and the Squad barely made it to the facility without half the group dying. Also, someone really needs to get Killer Croc some indigestion pills or something, because him vomiting mid-missions is becoming a habit.

Once the group finds the item, they get far more than they bargained for and pull a full-scale retreat once the words "Phantom Zone" fill the room. In the center of the room is a sizeable purple orb that seems to be holding something within. Everyone retreats except for the ever curious and always sarcastic Digger Harkness, known by most as Captain Boomerang.

SS 2 Harkness
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Boomerang reaches out for the orb and is unfortunately met with an impactful blast of unknown energy, leaving nothing in its wake except for a pair of smoking boots. Before the team can even deal with what just happened, an entity starts to emerge from the orb and quickly makes his presence felt with three simple words.

Kneel before Zod.

SS 2 Zod
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"Digger Harkness has been with the Suicide Squad from the very beginning, and when I spoke to him recently, Squad legend John Ostrander referred to Boomerang as one of the team's 'unholy trinity,' along with Waller and Deadshot,"'s DC expert Russ Burlingame said of the twist. "This development should not only shake the team to its core, but on a narrative level, it re-establishes that Ostrander-era feeling that anything can happen and anyone is fair game. That's something that had been lost in recent years as the Suicide Squad became a potentially-valuable piece of intellectual property, and key characters were designated as 'safe' in the eyes of the readers."


Deaths aren't always what they appear to be, and it could very well turn out that Harkness was transported somewhere instead, but as of now, the Suicide Squad is down one member, and the odds don't look good against Zod.

Suicide Squad #2 is in stores now.