'Suicide Squad 2' Delays Allow Will Smith to Film 'Bright 2,' 'Bad Boys 3' Next

Just a few months ago, it seems like Warner Bros. was ready to get to work on Suicide Squad 2, the [...]

Just a few months ago, it seems like Warner Bros. was ready to get to work on Suicide Squad 2, the sequel to their popular DC Comics film featuring Margot Robbie and Will Smith.

But now those plans have been delayed in favor of other projects, allowing Smith to work on other projects that are in demand. A report from GWW indicates that Smith will film the long-awaited Bad Boys 3 by the sequel to the popular Netflix movie Bright.

Bad Boys For Life (its official title) is set to film between November and March in Miami and Atlanta, according to the report, with plans to be released in theaters on January 17, 2020.

Bright 2 director David Ayer recently wrapped filming on The Tax Collector with Shia LaBeouf. The plan is for shooting on the sequel to his fantasy/crime mashup to begin filming when Smith is done on Bad Boys for Life.

This delay seemed inevitable, and early production reports for later this year seemed premature. Robbie herself will be busy reprising the role of Harley Quinn but for a different movie, as she'll be featured in and producing the girl-gang movie Birds of Prey, which is supposed to begin filming early in 2019.

Warner Bros. has also shifted its focus for DC Comics movies, with The Joker, Birds of Prey, The Flash, and The Batman seemingly at the top of their priorities. Shazam! is now in post-production for April release, and Wonder Woman 1984 is filming with a November 2019 release date. The Joker is said to be lower budget and to begin filming in the next few months, targeting an October 2019 opening.

Also affecting these plans is director Gavin O'Conner's involvement, who is going to begin filming The Has-Been later this year. O'Conner will be re-teaming with the latest Batman actor Ben Affleck, whom he previously worked with on their successful film The Accountant.

It seems like fans will have to wait even longer than previously thought to see Jared Leto's take on the Clown Prince of Crime, assuming Warner Bros. doesn't forget about him after Joaquin Phoenix takes on the role in an origin story next year. Is there room for two Jokers in movie theaters?

Hopefully we learn more about Warner Bros.' and DC Films' plans for Suicide Squad 2 in the very near future.