‘Suicide Squad 2’ Script Has Been Completed

Todd Stashwick, who co-wrote Suicide Squad 2 with David Bar Katz and director Gavin O'Connor, says the script now has a finished draft.

"We have finished our draft and I'm really proud of it," Stashwick told Discussing Film.

Noting he "can't say anything else," Stashwick said only the intention of the Suicide Squad followup is "to tell an exciting story, deepening these characters."

Plot details remain under wraps. Stashwick, who appeared as Richard Sionis in two episodes of Batman prequel Gotham, previously told Popcorn Talk's DC Movie News he has a "deep love" and "deep passion" for the DC Universe.

"Gavin O'Connor, who is directing and writing Suicide Squad 2, I worked on a project with him [Jane Got a Gun] as my director. And so we had a great rapport and a great relationship. And then this project came about, and he and I started talking, and he appreciated my deep love for the franchise, for DC," the actor-slash-screenwriter said.

The Accountant director "started picking my brain," Stashwick said, bringing him into the fold on Warner Bros.' in-the-works sequel set to reunite Harley Quinn star Margot Robbie and Deadshot star Will Smith.

"He could see that this is something that I have a deep passion for, and that I understand genre. That's kind of what I like to write in," Stashwick said.

"And then once we started bouncing ideas back and forth… There's a third writer, David Bar Katz, the three of us are writing it together. And so once we started talking and just bouncing ideas back and forth, he was like 'This is the team. This is who I want for this.'"

Stashwick, who describes himself as "much more of a DC guy" than a Marvel fan, said his experience with DC Comics tailor-suited him to board the DC Films universe.

"These are the characters I read about, these are the films that I delight in. I love the Marvel films, but the opportunity to be invited into a project that I'm passionate about is yet another bucket list that I get to check off," he said.

Of its story, Stashwick said only he and his co-writers worked hard "to craft something that we're really proud of, and a story we want to tell."


Suicide Squad 2 was previously said to be prepping for a fall 2018 shooting start, but was reportedly pushed back into 2019 because Robbie is busy with the Harley Quinn-centric Birds of Prey. That film teams the candy-colored maniac with DC Comics heroines Black Canary, Huntress, Renee Montoya, and Cassandra Cain.

Warner Bros. has yet to mark a release date for Suicide Squad 2.