Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Refuses to Apologize for His DC Film

Many fans agree that there was a lot wrong with Suicide Squad, the DC Comics movie that saw the live-action debut of Harley Quinn alongside a very divisive take on the Joker. While the movie was a financial success and even won an Academy Award, the critical response to the supervillain team-up flick was a lot more harsh than the Oscars. Even though it's been a few years since the film premiered in theaters, many fans are still upset that Suicide Squad was ever released. Director David Ayer's social media is a constant source for disgruntled fans to air their grievances, but the filmmaker doesn't really care what the haters say.

Ayer was responding to a fan's request that he apologize for making Suicide Squad, taking some joy that the movie was still bothering the fan years after its release.

Check out the testy exchange below:

Ayer's film might not sit well with many fans, but it did establish popular characters in the DC universe who have had a major impact on the franchise for years to come. With the release of Birds of Prey just a week away, Ayer can take a bit of credit for the casting of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. That character will appear for her third cinematic appearance in The Suicide Squad, the sequel-meets-reboot being directed by James Gunn.

The Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker spoke about his relationship with Ayer, revealing the two had a conversation about the Suicide Squad property.

"David Ayer is a great guy [and] we have discussed and I’ve told him what we’re up to with The Suicide Squad at least a little bit" Gunn said on Instagram.


Ayer praised Gunn for his fresh approach to the franchise, saying "DC is blessed to have James Gunn. I'm getting my popcorn ready."

Fans will get to see where the supervillains go next when The Suicide Squad premieres in theaters on August 6, 2021.