'Suicide Squad' Director Addresses Major Joker & Robin Plot Hole

Although Suicide Squad hit theaters more than two years ago, fans are still taking to Twitter to chat with director David Ayer about various issues and plot holes in the film. Ayer has been responding to these fans quite a bit lately, including one who asked about one Suicide Squad's biggest unanswered questions.

As Ayer has pointed out in the past, Joker got his gold teeth when Batman punched his real teeth out, as a result of the Joker killing Robin. However, when you go back to the film, this creates a bit of a plot hole in the continuity. See, Joker has his gold teeth when he first meets Harley, when she's still a doctor. Later on in the movie, it's revealed that Harley Quinn was involved in the murder of Robin.

So, to put it simply, Joker had to have had his gold teeth before killing Robin, considering Harley helped him do it and he had his teeth before she joined him, right?

According to Ayer, this plot hole was brought to you by the late changes that were made to Suicide Squad in post-production.

After he was asked about this issue on Twitter, Ayer quoted the fan's tweet and responded, "The timeline was changed later after filming."

Of course, and issue like this should surprise no one, as it has been made clear that a ton about Suicide Squad was altered after the initial phase of filming. Perhaps in Ayer's original vision for the film, this timeline made a little more sense.

Then again, the timeline doesn't need to be that confusing. All it would take is removing the bit about Harley's involvement in Robin's murder from her introduction, and most of this issue is immediately cleared up.


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