'Suicide Squad' Concept Art Reveals Mark Strong As The Joker

While Jared Leto ended up getting the part of the DC movie universe's Joker, new concept art show just how creepy a Mark Strong version of the character could've been.

Leto's Joker made his debut in Suicide Squad, but as some new concept art from Suicide Squad shows, a Mark Strong Joker could've been really impressive. The concept art comes from Peter Mitchell Rubin, who recently revealed a slew of concept art from the film. One of those features Mark Strong as the Joker and this version goes for a more chilling take on the character.

Strong's version goes for a more mafia boss approach as opposed to the gangster version seen in Leto's. Gone are the tattoos and grill and in their place is an older and more heavily scarred Joker that features a long cut smile. In fact, this version looks much more in line with a Joker that Ben Affleck's Batman would've gone to battle with, especially since he's responsible for killing Robin.

Other: Mark Strong as Joker concept art for Suicide Squad by Peter Mitchell Rubin from r/DC_Cinematic

You can check out the concept art in the photo above, and you can find more art from Rubin on his website.

Strong didn't end up nabbing the part here, but he did make it into the DC movie universe. Strong will be bringing Shazam! villain Doctor Sivana to life opposite of Zachary Levi next year, and we can't wait to see what that battle looks like. Strong is also easily one of the best parts of the 2011 Green Lantern film, as he personified Sinestro in every way.

While Sinestro didn't end up making it into this version of the DC movie universe, Strong is quite proud of the character he presented onscreen, despite the fact that the role will likely get recast if the character makes an appearance later on.

"Well, I think the Sinestro I did pretty much belongs to the world of the one, you know, we created," Strong told MTV. "And with a reboot I think it has to be a fresh broom, doesn't it? So I'm sure they'll go for a whole other look and whole other group of actors. I'd be very surprised if they imported my Sinestro from our one. I was really proud of that one and I think we really did it justice to the way he is in the comics."

So, would you have liked to see Strong as the Joker? Let us know in the comments!