Suicide Squad Trailer Redone With Friends Theme

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.20.51 PM (2)
(Photo: Movie Trailer Trash)

Friends continues to make an impact even 12 years after it ended its run, and that's partly due to cool little productions like this.

In the latest Friends trailer mashup, Youtube user Movie Trailer Trash combines the hit theme song with the much-anticipated Suicide Squad, and somehow it all syncs together perfectly. Harley has got to be Phoebe while Deadshot would be Joey. Monica's Katana (she always was scrappy) and Chandler would fit nicely as Captain Boomerang.

As for Rachel and Ross, I think they would play Enchantress and The Joker respectively. I could see Rachel going dark at some point, and Ross was always two steps from being certifiable anyway, especially anytime he got ahold of maple candy.


You can catch more of Movie Trailer Trash's videos on his Youtube page here.