Suicide Squad: Viola Davis Didn't Get Any Strange Gifts From Jared Leto

Viola Davis

Jared Leto certainly made the set of Suicide Squad interesting, but even the Joker doesn't mess with Amanda Waller.

Actress Viola Davis, who plays Waller in the film, told Entertainment Weekly that she didn't receive any, we'll cal them playful, gifts from Leto.

"He gave very interesting gifts," Davis said. "I did not receive any personally, or else I would have got my husband — who was called 'Headache Ball' back in the day when he played football — and I would have said, 'Take care of the Joker.'"

What a nickname. If someone had been on their game back when he played football, they would've gone by the nickname ibuprofen.


Get it? Because it would cancel out the...

Whatever, don't judge me.


via Entertainment Weekly