'Supergirl' Pays Homage to the "Fearless Girl" Statue in Premiere

Supergirl's third season kicked off tonight, and the show is paying homage to the 'Fearless Girl' [...]

Supergirl's third season kicked off tonight, and the show is paying homage to the "Fearless Girl" statue in the season premiere.

Mild spoilers for Supergirl's season three premiere, 'Girl of Steel', below.

In tonight's episode, a statue honoring Supergirl for saving the National City and the world from the Daxamite invasion last season is being erected at the city's waterfront. The statue, aptly named the "Girl of Steel" depicts a powerful literally made of steel Supergirl in flight with her eyes to the sky, ready to take on any challenge presented her.

The pose is similar to that of the "Fearless Girl" statue that has graced the Financial District in New York since March. That statue, installed the day before International Women's Day by State Street Global Advisors depicts a young Latina girl facing down the iconic "Charging Bull" (better known as "Wall Street Bull"). The girl in the statue stands with her hands on her hips giving the bull a similar brave, powerful look to that of the "Girl of Steel" in the episode.

The similarities between the two statutes is likely no accident. Supergirl executive producer Rick Rovner recently told Rotten Tomatoes that one of the goals of the show was to speak to real world issues and show how Supergirl, as a strong woman, could navigate the challenges of the real world while allowing the show to be a "voice of strength and optimism."

A large statue of the Girl of Steel definitely does that for the citizens of National City.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c, on The CW.

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