Kevin Smith Wants to Do a Guardian-Centric Episode of 'Supergirl'

Last night's Supergirl saw James confronted with with what it means to be a black man -- and [...]

Last night's Supergirl saw James confronted with with what it means to be a black man -- and vigilante -- in America. Now, moved by Mehcad Brooks' performance, Kevin Smith wants to do an episode centered on James' heroic alter ego, Guardian.

Smith, who has directed three previous episodes of The CW's DC Comics-inspired superhero series, took to Twitter today with praise for Brooks as well as ideas for the show's fourth season.

"Just finished this week's episode of @TheCWSupergirl and have to give major props to @MehcadBrooks! You crushed your monologue scene, sir! Such a beautiful performance! Now I wanna do a Guardian-centric ep next season! @ericcarrasco! I have an idea for a wicked story... #Blam," Smith wrote.

In the episode "The Fanatical", during a confrontation with members of Thomas Coville's former Cult of Rao James/Guardian is accidentally unmasked just before the police arrive. However, instead of going after the real aggressors in the situation, the police instead focus on James and keep their weapons pointed at him even as complies by keeping his hands up and tells them he is unarmed. While he gets out of the situation safely it rattles James. The monologue Smith refers to comes from that and, in it, James talks about his experiences being racially profiled previously -- including a time when he was handcuffed as a seven-year-old child -- and what it might mean for him to unmask.

While James ultimately decides that the time is not right for him to reveal himself just yet seeing the character grapple with the issue wasn't just one of the better parts of the episode, but one of the first times James has really been at the forefront in a while and while identity is usually explored in the context of Kara/Supergirl's (Melissa Benoist) experience, if Smith were to direct a Guardian-centric episode it could dig even further into the unique racial challenges James faces as a black hero. One of Smith's previous episodes, this season's "Damage" shined a light on Alex and Maggie, deftly handling the emotional nuance of the very human and painful dissolution of their relationship.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.