Supergirl Production Might Move to Vancouver

(Photo: WBTV)

One of the many possibilities to cut the cost of the expensive Supergirl now being floated is a move - but not necessarily a network move (which is also a possibility). Now, Warner Bros TV is considering a move from Los Angeles to Vancouver, according to a Deadline report.

Apparently Supergirl's production was not granted a tax credit by the California Film Commission, bumping its budget up in the state. A move to Vancouver, where The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow are all filmed (amongst several other CW and WBTV shows like Supernatural and The 100), would definitely be cheaper, though the move for all the stars of the show would undoubtedly be somewhat difficult.


The literal move to Vancouver and the network move from CBS to The CW are two possibilities for Supergirl as it's firmly on the bubble at CBS for a second season. The license fee charged by WBTV to CBS could also lower to save the series, as could a reduced episode count. The CW, or a digital platform, could step in to save it should CBS just forego it completely, and some combination of the above is a strong possibility as well.