Supergirl Recap with Spoilers - Exodus

The episode opens with a family getting pulled over by a cop for a broken tail light. The cop [...]


The episode opens with a family getting pulled over by a cop for a broken tail light. The cop offers to help fix it, but it turns out it's a Cadmus ambush. The family are aliens and they end up in the back of an Cadmus van.

Back at the DEO, Winn tells Supergirl and the rest of the team about the latest Cadmus abduction, which is the twenty-sixth in a single week. Winn suggests that Jeremiah has taught Cadmus how to slip under the DEO's radar, so J'onn declares Jeremiah an alien combatant. Meanwhile, Supergirl wants to warn National City's alien population about Cadmus's threat, so she offers to write an article for CatCo to get the word out.

However, Snapper refuses to run Kara's article, as she only has one source for the story. Kara suggests that, in lieu of a second source, Snapper interviews Supergirl personally.

At the alien bar, Alex obsesses over why her father turned on the DEO. Alex is convinced that Jeremiah has an ulterior motive for siding with Cadmus and Maggie says that when the DEO finds him, Alex will be there to protect him. Meanwhile, Winn introduces Jimmy to his girlfriend Lyra. Cadmus suddenly attacks the bar and makes off with Lyra and the rest of the aliens, even though Maggie, Alex, Jimmy, and Winn all put up a fight. Thanks to Guardian, they do manage to capture one of the Cadmus goons before they get away.

Back at the DEO, Winn freaks out about losing Lyra. He even goes as far as to threaten Jeremiah, but Mon-El tries to calm him down. Alex meanwhile heads down to the cells and starts beating up the Cadmus goon to get him to talk. J'onn rushes in and stops Alex before she kills him. Afterwards, Alex says she's fine, but J'onn looks far from convinced.

Supergirl meets with Snapper to confirm Kara's story. However, Snapper wants Supergirl's source, even off the record. Since Supergirl won't reveal the DEO's existence, Snapper refuses to budge.

Jeremiah shows up at Alex's apartment and says that Cadmus is prepared to kill all the aliens, but that Alex can stop them by getting a magnetic field disruptor from the DEO's vaults. When Alex agrees to help, Jeremiah transforms into J'onn and says that it was a test...a test she didn't pass. J'onn suspends Alex until the current crisis is over.

The REAL Jeremiah tells Lillian that Exodus is almost ready, as Cadmus leads the aliens into a large looking spaceship.

Alex asks Kara to have J'onn put back on the case, but Kara thinks that Alex is compromised too. Kara promises that nothing will happen to Jeremiah, but she rushes out before Alex can get a word in. While Kara won't help Alex, Maggie says she will and asks where they should start.

Kara runs into Lena at CatCo (they were supposed to get lunch) and Kara vents to her about Snapper. Lena suggests that Kara simply write a blog warning the aliens, although Kara notes that Snapper would crucify her. Kara also asks Lena for help finding the missing aliens, using either L-Corp technology or clues left behind by her mother.

Alex and Maggie ambush the Cadmus ambush team and steal a GPS out of the Cadmus van. Alex says she can find Cadmus now, but she tells Maggie she needs to do this alone.

While running through L-Corp's financials, Lena realizes that a supposedly shut down naval site her company owns was active. Her assistant (a Cadmus sleeper) contacts Lillian, who tells her to "redirect" Lena away from their plans.

Alex finds Cadmus's base, but quickly gets caught. Jeremiah walks up and says that Alex is with her. Jeremiah explains that Cadmus isn't killing the aliens: they're sending them back into outer space. He also explains that Cadmus threatened to kill Alex and Kara unless he agreed to help them.

Mon-El tells Kara to publish her article, because it's the right thing to do. Right after she publishes it, Lena calls and says she figured out where Cadmus is...right before some Cadmus goons attack her in her office. One of the goons accidentally pushes Lena off her office's balcony, but Supergirl swoops in to save the day.

Back at Cadmus, Lillian pushes up the timeline for Exodus after reading Kara's article. Alex reveals that she planted bombs on the facility and asks her dad to stop the Exodus launch. Jeremiah agrees, but Lillian claims there's no way to stop the launch. Alex boards the ship to try to stop the launch from the inside, while Henshaw ambushes Jeremiah.

On the ship, Alex frees the alien prisoners and makes her way to the cockpit. However, a secondary gate shits the prisoners in as the spaceship takes off into the atmosphere. Alex calls Winn for help to land the ship, while Supergirl flies in to help slow the ship down.

Back at Cadmus, Henshaw beats Jeremiah by using his laser vision.

The alien ship's automated defenses start firing at Supergirl, but she freezes the guns and tries to physically slow the ship down from the front. Supergirl uses raw force to short the ship's engines right before it launches into lightspeed.

Winn reunites with Lyra at the alien bar, but Kara's return to CatCo isn't nearly as lucky. Snapper fires Kara for running the story, even though she ended up being right.

Alex's meeting with her boss goes a lot more smoothly. J'onn apologizes to Alex and says he was only trying to protect her. Alex gets officially reinstated.

Mon-El brings potstickers to Kara's apartment to comfort her about losing her job. Kara says she loved her job, but Mon-El says that she has so much to offer the world. Kara says that maybe just being Supergirl and dating Mon-El is enough.

The episode ends with two hooded aliens who look just like Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher arriving at Earth on their giant dangerous spaceship.