'Supergirl's Amy Jackson on Saturn Girl's Admiration for the Girl of Steel

The Legion of Super-Heroes have made a major impact on the latest season of Supergirl, with Saturn [...]

The Legion of Super-Heroes have made a major impact on the latest season of Supergirl, with Saturn Girl helping to lead the charge.

Actor Amy Jackson recently admitted that she's a Karamel shipper, but she's making the most of her heroic opportunity on the fan-favorite series. But despite coming between Kara and Mon-El, her character has some major admiration for the Girl of Steel.

"I love the way Saturn Girl looks at Supergirl," said Jackson in a discussion with TVLine. "[Imra is] from the 31st century, where they literally have statues of Supergirl. That's her icon, her idol, so to be able to meet her in real life is so special. Supergirl's acceptance of her is almost more important than any of her other relationships."

Fans will get to see that relationship develop in tomorrow's episode as Girls Saturn and Super team up with a pair of villains in Psi and Livewire to take on the big bad Reign.

"I'm glad viewers will get to see it's not all about the love triangle," Jackson said. "It's about superheroes coming together to accomplish the task at hand. That's what it's really all about."

Jackson doesn't want people to think her character is just one part of a love triangle, and the show will explore other aspects of her character.

"This episode, in particular, shows [Saturn Girl] to her full extent," Jackson said. "She's not just someone's wife, she's one of the founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. She's kind, she's an idealist — and she's powerful."

As Jackson previously stated to ComicBook.com, she was a fan of the series before joining the cast. And she's very respectful of the rabid fanbase, including the shippers who tend to dominate the conversations surrounding Supergirl.

"I was a fan of the show before and I was also a Karamel [shipper] before I even signed the show. So I am actually a fan of them also, but I think because I did my homework about the character itself, I knew I was getting into a sticky situation because it's already formed a relationship beforehand with Mon-El and Kara, but I know that this character is going to be very appreciated and loved because she is a strong character in herself," Jackson told ComicBook.com. "I think in this episode especially, there's a bond between Supergirl and Saturn Girl, which is nice. It's not all directly about the relationship and being Mon-El's wife. I think that's a totally different side to what people have seen before. I'm excited for people to see that, and to hopefully be accepted more into the Supergirl world."

Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8p ET/PT on The CW. "Fort Rozz" premieres tomorrow, January 22nd.