Supergirl Season One Officially Available For Pre-Order, and First Bonus Features Released

The DVD and Blu-ray of Supergirl's first season have been officially listed at Amazon and [...]


The DVD and Blu-ray of Supergirl's first season have been officially listed at Amazon and Wal-Mart, and while the Blu-ray will come with a complimentary Ultraviolet copy, it's by purchasing at iTunes that fans can get their hands on an advance look at some of the disc's special features.

You can check out thirty seconds of those features -- a brief interview in which executive producer Andrew Kreisberg shares a never-before-seen bit of trivia -- below.

There's no official date released in the Warner Bros. Television e-mail that shared the links, nor is there one listed at Amazon, although Wal-Mart pegs the Blu-ray's release as Tuesday, July 26. As DVDs and Blu-rays are generally released on a Tuesday, that seems like a reasonable placeholder date until an official one is announced.

It's likely also a good sign for Supergirl, which is still technically not yet renewed for a second season. Warner Bros. Television didn't release Constantine to DVD or Blu-ray, saying that they would do so if the show earned a second season (which it did not). For the home video pricing and availability to be announced the day after Supergirl's season finale certainly seems to indicate positive things for the show.

Back in March, CBS President Les Moonves said that the network was so happy with its freshman crop of shows that they intended to renew all of them (which included Supergirl). In April, the network renewed 11 new shows, and fans started to panic when Supergirl wasn't on that list...but neither was any first-season show from CBS.

The Supergirl: The Complete First Season Blu-ray is marked with an MSRP of $54.95, while it's $5 less to get your hands on the DVD. It's likely those prices will fall prior to the release date, since very few shows are actually priced at their MSRP. Amazon customers can preorder now and be guaranteed they'll only be charged the lowest price between now and the release date when the discs are shipped.