'Supergirl's Odette Annable Teases That Redemption For Sam Might Not Mean She Survives

Tonight on Supergirl, things are beginning to close in on Samantha Arias, who takes time off from work only to give Reign, the Worldkiller who periodically takes over her body, the opportunity to team up with her fellow Worldkiller, Purity.

Sam's fans should not get too comfortable, though; when asked whether she thought her character might be redeemable, series villain Odette Annable told ComicBook.com that she believes so -- but said it could be a change of heart that provides redemption for Sam...or it could be a noble sacrifice.

"Maybe I'm being optimistic when I say that I think that there is a way to separate the two," Annable said. "I don't know how. I don't know if it's possible. I don't know what the stronger storyline would be. Because I certainly see -- and this is all just me taking random stabs, here, because I really don't know what's gonna happen -- but I do think that there's strength in Sam giving up her life to do what's good for humanity, then having Reign gone. I also think that having a redemption arc, of a sort, or having Sam saved, especially for her daughter, I think would be a really nice ending. So I'm gonna go with that one."

Of course, this could tie to the long-standing fan theory that by the end of the season, Reign being killed or imprisoned might leave Alex Danvers -- who wants kids so badly that it led her to break up with the one true love of her life, who did not -- might become Ruby Arias's adoptive mother.

"If something were to happen to Sam, I would definitely give [Alex] that blessing — especially now that Alex and Ruby have this great connection," Annable said recently. "Of course, that could happen or it could not happen. We'll see!"

Most fans had assumed that when Ruby was introduced, it gave Sam a clear line to surviving the finale, even though the principal antagonists in seasons one and two both died. Now, though...well, anything is possible.

Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. After tonight's episode, the series will take a 9-week hiatus until its return on April 16.