Superman & Lois: Everything You Missed in "Broken Trust"

The episode opens with Tag attacking Jordan, demanding what Jordan did to him. Refusing to answer, Jordan instead uses his signal device to call Superman, who arrives, scaring Tag off. SInce Tag has super speed and invulnerability, he's hard to catch, and when he cuts in front of a train, he nearly derails it, causing Superman to lose sight of him.

Back at home, Clark and Lois are worried about what might happen if Tag talks to people. Lois asks Clark to keep an eye on the boys while she investigates Morgan Edge more; she suspects he might have something to do with the Stranger.

At the mines, Edge thanks Kyle for his help winning the community over, and offers to promote Lana to head of the mine project, using the community's trust in her to keep his forward momentum in town going.

Back at school, Sarah tells Jonathan and Jordan that she's going to go to Metropolis to watch their next game, but super-hearing seems to be setting in and giving Jordan headaches and making his powers activate. Jonathan wants to tell Clark and get him help, but Jordan asks him to keep it secret until after the game.

Lois heads to Kyle and Lana's house, and asks for help getting into the mine to build a case against Edge. Kyle, already upset because Lana got the promotion instead of him getting a job, tears into Lois and threatens her. Lana turns her down much more politely, saying that it's been too hard to watch Smallville die, to turn on the first person to seem like they're rebuilding the economy.

Back at the Kent farm, Clark brings the boys under the barn, where he brings out a massive tree trunk that he used to punch up when he was learning to use his powers. He asks Jordan to give it a try, and after one false start, he does it.

Sam calls, telling Clark that Tag has been spotted in Metropolis.

Lana is looking for a babysitter for the next night, when Kyle is taking her to dinner. Sarah says that she'll skip the football game to watch her little sister so that her mom can celebrate her promotion. Outside her window, Tag is spying on her.

The next day at the game, Jordan gets called into the game to cover a particularly aggressive linebacker, but Jordan is incapacitated when the whistle blows and collapses, missing the block, and the quarterback is hurt. Jonathan talks his way into replacing the quarterback, and when the linebacker talks trash to Jonathan, Jordan knocks him on his ass.

At the Kent farm, Lois is surprised by a knock on the door; it's Captain Luthor, inviting her to come with him to inspect the mines. She is skeptical at first, but he convinces her that being a lone Black man would look suspicious, which is why he invited her. They talk their way into the mine, but the guy at the gate seems pretty suspicious.

Back at home, Sarah answers the door, thinking it's the pizza guy, but instead it's Tag, who has a super-speed freakout. When she tries to close the door on him, he runs inside.

After Smallville wins the football game, some of the Metropolis players attack Jordan. Unable to keep his powers in check, he has to unleash his heat vision into Clark's hand.

Back at home after dinner, Lana and Kyle are talking about the logistics of her new job. He tells her that he is proud of her, even if he's still a little stung by Edge. The two of them start kissing, and Sophia appears out of nowhere to ask about dessert. When Kyle goes looking for Sarah, she's gone.

At a hotel in Metropolis, Clark lectures Jordan about how dangerous the situation was at the football game. Jordan starts saying that there were no symptoms, but Jonathan chimes in to tell Clark the truth. Jordan and Clark have an argument. Clark gets a call from Lana, revealing that Sarah is missing and that a nanny cam caught Tag at the door.

In the mine, Lois and Captain Luthor are peeking around, with him guiding their path based on some plans he had spied on in their computers. Pulling out a laser saw, he starts cutting into the wall.

In a creepy hideout somewhere, Sarah wakes up to realize she has been kidnapped by Tag. He reveals that he ha super speed and brought her to Metropolis.

In the mines, Lois is starting to suspect Captain Luthor's story, but before she can come to any conclusions, he finds the X-Kryptonite in the walls. Before they can get out, though, Leslie Larr shows up and tries to blast them with her heat vision.

At the hotel, the team comes to the Kents' room and peer-pressures them into coming out to a corner store for beer.

In the mines, Captain Luthor assembles a weapon and blasts Leslie with it, incapacitating her long enough to allow an escape for him and Lois.

Above Metropolis, Superman zeroes in on Tag and Sarah with his super-hearing, but before he gets there, Tag shows Sarah the video of the bonfire, telling her she thinks he has powers, and that he's responsible for what happened to Tag.

Superman arrives in the room, telling Tag not to run.

Elsewhere in the city, the Metropolis team shows up to harass the Smallville team, with Cutter (the linebacker) harassing Jordan in particular. As the DEO arrives to try and take out Tag, Superman steps in front of the bullets, but takes a shot from some shards of Kryptonite. Jonathan steps in front of Jordan to stop him from hurting Cutter, but Jordan breaks his wrist.

After Superman throws away the Kryptonite and then incinerates it with his heat vision, he convinces the soldiers to stand down. They load Tag into the back of the truck. Clark confronts Sam about using live rounds and Kryptonite against a kid, but has to fly off when he hears Jordan saying that Jon is hurt.

Outside the mines, Lois confronts Captain Luthor, demanding to know why he's lying about so many things, but gets a call from Clark and has to drive home. There, Jonathan is pissed because Jordan broke his arm and the doctor isn't sure that he will regain full range of motion. He tells Jordan that he knows it was an accident, but that isn't the point. Clark admits that he gets tempted to use his powers irresponsibly, too, but that he has learned how to keep them in check. He said that overcoming the fears that everyday people had was a long journey, and he had to be so good that they knew they could trust him.

The boys leave the room, and Lois tells Clark about what happened at the mines. Now she has to dig into her supposed reporter friend as well as Edge.

The next morning, Sarah tells Jordan that she was scared, but she knew Tag would never hurt her. She said that he was really focused on Jordan, and tells him about the video. Jordan tells her that he doesn't know why Tag would think that, and she tells him that he could tell her, even if there was something.


Inside their house, Lana tells Lois that she is willing to help find out whether Edge is up to something dangerous or illegal, but that they can't tell Kyle.

After they leave, Lois tries to console Jordan with ice cream, but he's despondent that he doesn't know what to do. He's racked with guilt over hurting Jon, and over lying to Sarah about his powers. He tells her that the powers are driving a wedge between him and other people, and that he wants it to end, then gets another headache and collapses. Clark arrives, scans Jordan's head, and flies him off to the Fortress.