Swamp Thing Star Teases Potential Surprise Character Appearances

When Swamp Thing hits DC Universe later this month, it's going to explore yet another corner of the expansive comics universe rarely seen in live-action. While it's technically separate (for now) from the universe the streaming platform is building with Titans and Doom Patrol, one Swamp Thing star didn't rule out surprise appearance from fan-favorite comics characters.

ComicBook.com spoke with Swamp Thing star Derek Mears, the man behind the titular character, and while he wouldn't reveal much, he did say fans should be on the lookout once the show drops.

"I'm always that guy, like, I feel I've made a Christmas surprise, and I don't want people to know it until it's Christmastime so that they get that full impact of shock and awe," Mears teases. "But maybe there are some familiar characters from the canon that pop up from time to time.

"Or they make their traces known in the series. Which, as a nerd, we go script to script, and then I would see little hints or little puzzle pieces and say 'Oh, I know who you're talking about. I know what this is. Oh, wait, are we covering that later?'" the actor continues. "Just like, I'm such a squirrel for all of this. So yeah, I think fans are going to be really excited from time to time, going, like, 'Oh, I know what you're referencing. Wink, got it. I know who that it is.'"

In the same interview, Mears told us that the show takes full advantage of its "hard R" rating, saying they pushed the boundaries to make it as scary as possible. Earlier this Spring, production was momentarily halted while the creative team behind the show scrambled to reduce the initial season's order from 13 episodes to 10.

Swamp Thing debuts May 31st on DC Universe.

Are you looking forward to Swamp Thing? Which character cameos do you think we'll end up seeing on the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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