TableTop: Cryptozoic Releases First Wave Of Superhero Meeples

There seems to be an ever-increasing amount of DC Comics merchandise available for fans to [...]

There seems to be an ever-increasing amount of DC Comics merchandise available for fans to purchase. With countless items, including plenty of action figures, currently on the market, DC seems to go to any lengths to make new unique merchandise for fans.

A recent announcement from Cryptozoic Entertainment only proves this point. The company, makes a multitude of DC-related gaming material, including card games, trading card packs, and board games. They also offer plenty of collectibles for DC fans, including much of the DC Bombshells line of merchandise.

And now, the company will soon be carrying a line of Mighty Meeples based off of DC heroes.

dc mighty meeples

For the uninitiated, Meeples are star-shaped board game pieces used by tabletop fans in many different games. They usually only come in single colors, although there is a growing market for customized character Meeples.

This first wave of DC-centric Meeples feature thirty different characters available for purchase. This includes many of the core members of the Justice League, with heroes such as Supergirl, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, and more also included.

For those looking for more villany with their Meeples, the wave also features figurines of Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Black Manta, Reverse Flash, and several other classic DC villains.

These one-inch-tall figurines will be sold in a blind bag format, with each bag containing three different figures. There is no guarantee which characters are grouped together, and there are also two mystery Meeples thrown into the mix.

In an official press release from Cryptozoic Entertainment, the company voices their excitement for creating this line - particularly for the way it marries both the game pieces and the collectibles that the company offers.

"Cryptozoic Entertainment has been a leader in tabletop gaming since it was founded in 2010, so when we decided to become a collectibles company as well, it only made sense to create a line of figures that live happily both on a collector's shelf and in any board game. It ties the different parts of our company together."

These blind bags are expected to retail for $2.99 each, and are already available in some hobby stores and on Cryptozonic's website.

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