'Teen Titans GO!' Movie Hits Theaters Next Summer

The Teen Titans are ready to go to the big screen!

Warner Bros. just announced their animated project on the calendar for next summer, revealing that Teen Titans GO! would be premiering in movie theaters with an original movie on July 27, 2018.

An untitled animated film from Warner Bros. was originally scheduled to premiere June 1, 2018, but the announcement of Teen Titans GO! indicates that it's being pushed back until the end of July, according to Heroic Hollywood and Umberto Gonzalez.

Details on the picture are scarce at this point, though it's expected to feature the same cast and characters as the Cartoon Network animated series.

The comedy show has ran for four seasons on Cartoon Network and was a successor to the original Teen Titans animated series, which starred the same actors and characters but in a more serious narrative.

The young DC Comics superheroes have seen a significantly increased profile over the last decade, starting with the first Teen Titans series. Many of the same characters were featured in Young Justice, another animated series on Cartoon Network.

The team recently featured in two different direct-to-video animated films, Justice League vs. Teen Titans and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract.

They are also going to be the focus of a new live-action show called Titans streaming on a new platform, alongside Young Justice Season Three, featuring exclusive DC Comics-based content. Titans leader Dick Grayson will be getting his own solo film with Nightwing, as well.

It's unclear exactly what this movie will be at this point, but it's a safe bet that the original cast will continue to remain involved.

Greg Cipes, who voices Beast Boy, recently posted to social media about the film, admitting he was excited to bring the Titans to the big screen. He'll likely be joined by Tara Strong's Raven, Khary Payton's Cyborg, Scott Menville's Robin, and Hynden Waclh's Starfire.


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