'Teen Titians Go! To The Movies' Post-Credits Scenes Tease SPOILER's Return

Just because Teen Titans Go! To the Movies pokes fun at the supehrero movie genre, doesn't mean it doesn't also follow in its footsteps, with the inclusion of not one, but two, post-credits scenes! In true Marvel style, the film offers one mid-credits "button" scene and one comedic after-credits scene; however, in the case of the former, it is quite a big "button" tease, indeed!

Read below for the big reveals of the Teen Titans Go! To the Movies post-credits scenes - and obviously, there are MAJOR SPOILERS that follow!


Return of the Titans

Teen Titans GO! To the Movies Post Credits Scene original Teen titans series

The first scene comes as a surprise, as the credits sequences begins to get all distorted and wavy, like the reception on an old TV, and we see a "home movie" of the original Teen Titans 2000s cartoon series. All of a sudden, a portal opens up in the middle of the screen, and we find the original Teen Titans cartoon characters looking out, with Robin proclaiming to his team that, "we may have found another way to come back."

This mid-credits scene is pretty epic, as it hints that there could be a resurrection of the 2000s Teen Titans series, which has been a big debate in the fandom. The 2000s Teen Titans ran for five seasons (as long as Teen Titans Go! has now), before it was ended and later relaunched as Teen Titans Go! in 2013. The original series leans a lot closer to the style of traditional DC animated series like Batman: TAS or the Justice League series, but still carried a lighter tone, with the same voice cast as TTG! (Scott Menville, Hynden Walch, Tara Strong, Ghary Payton, Greg Cipes) embodying the same characters (Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy).

The August 13th episode of Teen Titans Go! will be called "Tower Renovation", and will deal with the aftermath of the events of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, so fans will be eager to see if anything official is announced about a Teen Titans revival. Meanwhile, the much darker live-action Titans series will debut on the DC Universe streaming service, this fall.

Lost Challengers

Challengers of the Unknown Teen Titans Go to the Movies

If you want to know, the after-credits scene of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies brings back one of the film's running gags for a last laugh. The movie's story revolves around the Titans team finding out they're the last ones to get a superhero movie, with even the obscure DC Comics characters Challengers of the Unknown getting a franchise. At one point, in order to sneak into a movie premiere, Raven portals the Challengers team out of their seats and into some kind of limbo. During the film's climax, Raven does the same to most of the DC superheroes, who are running amok - but after the fight, she portals all but the Challengers back to the real world.

After the final credits have rolled, and the screen is all black, the Challengers come floating back into view, with leader Kyle "Ace" Morgan proclaiming "Challengers, I believe we have missed the motion picture," which is reference to the earlier scene where the Challengers were so happy to be attending the movie premiere.

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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is now playing in theaters. Be sure to check out our official review HERE.