The Batman Has Already Made $5.3 Million at International Box Office

The Batman has already made $5.3 million at the international box office, going into the film's official Thursday night preview screenings in the US. Reports state that  Matt Reeves' Batman reboot has already made $1.7M in Korea starting from Tuesday, March 1st; The Batman has also made $2.1M in France, $414K in Sweden, $362K in Indonesia, and $193K in Belgium, all starting from Wednesday, March 2nd. The Batman is now set to open in 47 additional markets on Thursday, with an additional 19 being added on Friday. 

So far, analysts are tracking The Batman's international opening numbers as being strong indicators that the film is on track to be the biggest Batman movie ever – a milestone that was first predicted weeks ago. The Batman has scored the biggest film opening of the year (and post-pandemic era) in France; earned 28% higher than The Dark Knight's opening in Sweden; is Indoneisa's biggest Batman movie opening ever, and is on par with Nolan's The Dark Knight opening in Belgium. 

More to the point: The Batman is tracking significantly higher (over 40%) across the board than Warner Bros.' previous big blockbuster release, Dune. There are still unique factors at play right now (international territories like Australia still dealing with COVID, the Russian market being closed) but it all is shaping up to be a great weekend for The Batman cast and crew, and WB Pictures. 

So far, critical word-of-mouth about The Batman is strong, Rotten Tomatoes has certified it "Fresh" and ranking it as the second-best-reviewed Batman movie ever. Even our review of The Batman states that the film overcomes its flaws to open the door to an exciting new Batman movie universe, making a worth watch for viewers: 

The Batman took a long, winding road through its production – including a pass through the dark shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. It bears mention, as the resulting film now arriving in theaters feels very much like a product of the world it was produced in: a stunningly fresh vision of the Batman character, world, and lore that ultimately got muddled and lost along the way, but still manages to pull together enough, by the end, to offer fans a doorway to a more promising franchise future. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

Source: Deadline