The Batman: New Catwoman Details Revealed in New Special Features

The new iteration of the Caped Crusader is finally making its way to the big screen in 2022 with the debut of The Batman, the new DC film from writer and director Matt Reeves. Not only will Robert Pattinson be delivering a brand new version of Bruce Wayne, but actress Zoe Kravitz will also be bringing to life an updated take on Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. Fans have been anxious to see more from Kravitz' character, and now they can in a new special look at the film.

This new featurette from The Batman wasn't released online in any formal way, but it appears as a part of an iTunes documentary called Catwoman: The Feline Femme Fatale that comes as an extra with any of the four original Batman films. You can watch a leaked version in the video below.

"The villains are often some of the most, if not the most exciting part of the movies," Reeves says in the video. "I mean, the rogues gallery is incredible, and what I wanted to do was I wanted to see a Batman that wasn't an origin tale, but was sort of in his early days, but that meant that a lot of the characters that are the rogues gallery of characters, are in their origins in a way. So we have a Selina Kyle who's not yet Catwoman."

"Selina can take care of herself," explains Kravitz. "She's incredibly tough. She really wants to fight for those who don't have someone else to fight for them, and I think that is where Batman and she really connect."

The Batman producer Dylan Clark also appears on the video, talking about Selina Kyle's complicated personality and backstory.

"What's really interesting about Selina Kyle is that she represents the savior for the ill-treated, the forgotten, the people that haven't had anybody looking out for them," says Clark. "She's also very complicated, you don't quite know exactly where her loyalty or allegiance lies."

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The Batman arrives in theaters on March 4, 2022.