'The Flash': Grant Gustin on Barry and Ralph Dibny's Dynamic

Team Flash may have lost a couple of members with Julian going back to England and Wally heading [...]

Team Flash may have lost a couple of members with Julian going back to England and Wally heading off to Blue Valley, but that doesn't mean they're lacking for heroes. Tonight's episode sees Elongated Man make his debut, and, according to Grant Gustin, the new hero brings a fun dynamic to the team.

During an interview on the set of The Flash, Gustin told reports that he and Hartley Sawyer, who plays Elongated Man/Ralph Dibny, got along right away, and that Sawyer might just remind audiences of another comedic actor.

"Hartley and I started to hit it off right away, honestly," Gustin said. "I'm sure everyone's made this connection, comparison. He's like a young Jim Carrey. Someone started to say it on set right away, just all the physical comedy stuff he can do. He's a really seasoned, talented actor, so it's fun to have him on set for sure."

But while it might be fun for Gustin to have Sawyer on set, on The Flash, Barry seems to have a more difficult time warming up to Ralph. Before being turned into a meta, Ralph was a corrupt cop, and he and Barry don't exactly see eye to eye. However, despite having some history, Gustin says things evolve between Barry and Ralph fairly quickly.

"It's a slow start, as far as him being a part of the team because Barry and him have the whole butting heads thing at first," Gustin said. "But Barry is a pretty quick turnaround, and I think we're seeing him mature a lot more this year. And over the course of the last two years for sure. So, I think he does a pretty quick turnaround with Dibny and sees things his way. He brings him in. We see him start to train him."

Gustin went on to say that having Sawyer in the cast -- and Ralph on the show -- was particularly nice in the absence of Julian (Tom Felton).

"It's fun because I'm missing Julian this year, Tom Felton," he explained. "He's not a replacement but it's nice to have someone to fill that void and to have another guy around. He's a really talented, funny actor so he's fun to work with."

Fans will get see the Barry/Ralph dynamic in action tonight with Elongated Man suiting up for the first time in "When Harry Met Harry."

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.