'The Flash': Iris Allen Throws Shade at Oliver and Felicity's "Crisis on Earth-X" Wedding

Last week during "Crisis on Earth-X" Barry and Iris' perfect church wedding was interrupted by Nazi's from Earth-X. This week, it's clear that Iris is less than happy with how her nuptials ultimately went down.

Spoilers from tonight's midseason finale of The Flash's fourth season, "Don't Run," below.

On tonight's episode, Barry and Iris are back from their honeymoon, taking the time to open their wedding gifts. When Barry opens a package, and it's finally something other than a toaster, Iris makes a comment about how it wasn't on their wedding registry -- and neither was Oliver and Felicity getting married during Iris and Barry's wedding.

During "Crisis on Earth-X", Barry and Iris ended up getting married by Diggle by the waterfront with Arrow's Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Oliver (Stephen Amell) serving as witnesses. Except that also goes awry when Felicity impromptu proposes to Oliver and crashes Barry and Iris' wedding to marry Oliver right then and there, too. At the time, Iris acted like she was OK with it, but her comment tonight implies that she definitely was not.

Iris' acknowledgement about how disappointing her wedding ended up being echoes fan sentiment about the situation. Since the final hour of "Crisis on Earth-X" aired, fans have been up in arms about Felicity hijacking the long-awaited West-Allen wedding. Fans in the Arrow community on Reddit were so upset that they responded by turning their subreddit's aesthetic and focus to that of Netflix's The Punisher series.


And fans will no doubt continue to feel for Iris and her botched wedding once Arrow's midseason finale airs this week. While Iris is dealing with Barry having been kidnapped by The Thinker, Felicity and Oliver are celebrating their wedding with a fancy party among their friends and family, a situation that seems rather unfair in the grand scheme of things. Maybe Iris can send the happy couple a toaster.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 7/8c on The CW. New episodes return January 16, 2018.