The Flash: Katherine McNamara Previews Mia Queen's Return in "Armageddon, Part 5"

On Tuesday night, The Flash's five-part "Armageddon" concludes and if the potential for Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh) to end their rivalry for good wasn't exciting enough, the episode will also see the return of Arrowverse fan-favorite Katherine McNamara as Mia Queen/Green Arrow. It's been nearly two years since fans last saw the character in the Arrow series finale, but prior to that, her story left off on a cliffhanger, with her brother William kidnapped and clues about who took him few. Ahead of "Armageddon, Part 5", McNamara chatted with to preview what fans can expect from Mia when they reconnect with her in the episode and according to her, Mia isn't necessarily in the best place.

"What I love so much about what they gave me to do in this episode is that Mia really is on a precipice," McNamara said. "She's been struggling for the last couple of years, dealing with not only taking on this mantle that she was not necessarily prepared to take on and feeling as though she's failing at doing so and failing the promises that she made to her father on his deathbed, and the promise to keep her family safe to uphold the legacy and to protect the city."

"She hasn't necessarily done a great job of that so far," she continued. "And that's really difficult for her. And she's  become obsessed with this one singular mission moving forward and as we now with Mia, when she gets something in her head, she will not stop until she achieves it."

But while Mia may be in a difficult place when we next see her, for McNamara, returning to the role was an experience she described as "amazing".

"It was actually quite amazing, truly, just finishing up Arrow and then coming back to do this episode of Flash really kind of book-ended the pandemic for me in a lot of ways, aside from doing The Stand and a couple of other things here and there," McNamara said. "It's funny, I think all of us have been trying to go through this pandemic figuring out what we're missing and what could make us feel normal every day and it wasn't until I put on the suit and was on set for a couple days that I realized, 'Oh, yes, this is it. This is that thing that I've been missing and seeking for the last several years.' And it felt like coming home."

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "Armageddon, Part 5" airs on Tuesday, December 14th.