Kevin Smith Shares Look at Script for His Third Episode of 'The Flash'

Kevin Smith is returning to The Flash.The director took to Twitter to share a photo of the script [...]

Kevin Smith is returning to The Flash.

The director took to Twitter to share a photo of the script from the upcoming seventeenth episode of The Flash's fourth season, but, as you can see, while Smith may be back to work on the episode there's still something very important missing -- the title. You can check out Smith's post below.

kevin smith the flash

"Back to work on my third episode of @CW_The Flash," Smith wrote. "We've got the metahuman cuffs but we still need a title..."

The episode, which marks Smith's third time directing for The CW's DC Comics-inspired super hero series, may not have a title, but the metahuman hand cuffs in the photo are intriguing. As of yet, we don't know anything about the upcoming episode, but the handcuffs could have several meanings. Do these cuffs mean that Barry's secret as a metahuman is out with the cuffs being used to haul him into court as a result? Could the cuffs be a clue that the law is starting to catch up with The Thinker and The Mechanic? Perhaps they could be connected to Iris who, according to both set-spy photos and EW's Natalie Abrams, will suit up as a hero with temporary speedster powers this season. With the set photos being from just a few days prior to Smith's script reveal, it seems likely that Smith's episode will have something to do with Iris and her newfound powers, though whether or not she has them in directly in episode 17 remains to be seen.

No matter what the episode's title or whether or not Iris suits up for it, Smith's upcoming episode is one that fans will no doubt be looking forward to. Smiths' previous episodes of The Flash, season two's "The Runaway Dinosaur" and season three's "Killer Frost" were both well-received by fans. However, fans may have to wait a little while for it to air. The Flash, along with Riverdale and Arrow, will be taking a week of in mid-February when Legends of Tomorrow returns from hiatus and, as of yet, there is no official word on when The Flash will return.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.