The Flash Movie Reportedly Casting Now for These Five Characters

Ezra Miller is already set for The Flash as Warner Bros.' big-screen Barry Allen, the fastest man [...]


Ezra Miller is already set for The Flash as Warner Bros.' big-screen Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, but now they're casting up for the rest of the primary roles in the film.

HeroicHollywood has a rumored list of characters, based on a casting breakdown sent to talent agencies. They're being cautious, though, even calling it a rumor themselves - when Umberto Gonzalez himself says to be cautious, you know he's not sure about it. The main reason? It sounds a lot like The Flash on TV, and the casting breakdowns for The CW's first season.

Iris West is on the list, and Gonzalez said he's also heard actresses in LA are actively testing for the role. Iris is still a reporter for the Central City Citizen and described as "Christiane Amanpour's brains and Carrie Bradshaw's style."

Eobard Thawne is next, "Central City's Bill Gates." Here's where things get fishy, as they say Eobard Thawne is confined to a wheelchair, due to a degenerative disease - Thawne being in a wheelchair (albeit under an assumed name) was something created for The Flash TV series. The use of Thawne, aka the Reverse Flash, wouldn't be too surprising - first films in superhero franchises do like to use doppelganger villains (enemies with similar, if not identical, power sets), after all - but in trying to remove it from the popular TV series, it seems odd to use the same big bad as season one.

Other characters include: Fred Chyre, a "gruff detective" investigating a death at "Thawne Laboratories"

Len Snart, an ex-military operative working for Thawne - of course, in the comics (and the TV show), that's Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, one of the Rogues.

Jay Garrick (cameo), a Central University professor fired for fringe science and study of the speed force.

The Flash is currently planned for a March 2018 release, so the film will likely be the next to start shooting after Justice League part 1 wraps. It'll be WB/DC's first solo film (currently on the schedule) post-Justice League. Wonder Woman premieres next summer, about half a year ahead of the team film.