'The Flash' Directors Reportedly Rewriting Script

The DC Extended Universe has seen many changes over the years, with various projects being delayed, altered, or scrapped altogether. The latest tweak to the DCEU is related to The Flash film starring Ezra Miller, with Deadline reporting that directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein will be writing the film's script.

Previous reports have claimed Joby Harold was writing the script, with Deadline's report noting that the duo is "set to write and direct," implying that they will be starting from scratch instead of collaborating with Harold on the script.

A film focusing on Barry Allen was announced in the early stages of the DCEU, only for a number of reports to emerge regarding the project's delay. Fans will take any official confirmation that it will be made at some point in the future as a positive sign, yet the various announced updates have made audiences apprehensive about Warner Bros.' faith in the project. Star Miller understands the frustrations, yet ensures that the film will come together eventually.

"Anyone who knows anything about Barry Allen knows that he's always late. But then when he arrives, he gets stuff done. And that's definitely how this film's production schedule is proceeding. We're a little late," Miller explained previously. "But the reason why we are late, and this is the honest to god truth... We're all — and I include myself in this — we are very meticulously focused on making a movie that's not just one of the greatest superhero movies that we can possibly make. This movie's also going to be a gift to the fans.

He added, "This movie's going to be a real pure offering to the fans of this material. And we've hit a couple points in the script's development where we've looked at it and gone, 'Nah, this isn't it. This isn't it yet.'"

Miller also noted that all of the delays are for the greater good, as everyone involved in the film want to make sure they create the best final product.

"And so I'm really delighted at how focused everyone is on getting it just right. And I'm really devoted to that as well," the actor noted. "And honestly, we won't make the film unless it's going to be this consummate, beautiful offering to the fans and to everybody. We're just going to make a fantastic movie, but we're really focused on making it this super gift to DC fans."

Stay tuned for details on the future of The Flash.

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